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Allergen Warning: Due to the possibility of cross-contact associated with bulk products, people with allergies to Peanuts, Tree nuts, Milk, Eggs, Shellfish, Wheat, Soy, or other substances should not consume these products!

Our roasted and salted Almonds are among the largest you can get anywhere. We only source 20/22 nonpareil almonds grown in California. Our farmers weed out the dull almonds so each morsel that makes it to your bag is sweet, meaty and never bitter. Almonds make a healthy snack that’s packed with protein, fiber, calcium, zinc, and antioxidants.

These almonds are pasteurized and roasted.

  • Contactless & Safe Snacking - whether you are sharing or eating on your own, the individual packaging limits the number of touchpoints.

  • Portion Control - Single serving size to help balance out our daily nutritional needs

  • Grab and Go! - wherever you may travel, take a little bag of snacks on the way.

Almonds Roasted and Salted 4 oz (113 gr.)

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